Case Study:


Case Study:
Sydney Grammar School

St Ives, NSW

Sydney Grammar School is one of the oldest schools in Australia. It’s ancestor, the Sydney Public Free Grammar School opened in 1825. The St Ives Preparatory school is based on leafy green North Shore of Sydney and caters for Preschool to Year 6 boys. The school is lucky to have an onsite heated outdoor swimming pool with swimming lessons held before and after school as well as intensive swimming during PE.

Why a Hooded Change Towel? Coming out of a warm pool into the crisp air to make the trek to the change rooms is always bracing and so the school was interested in adding the CMJ Australia Hooded Change Towels to their available uniform range. Swimming Carnivals are an important date on the school calendar from Kindergarten onwards and having a hooded towel to throw on to stay warm and protected from the sun between races was positively received by parents.

Customised for Sydney Grammar School: Sydney Grammar School has a black and gold crested logo, which is striking when embroidered on the breast of a black CMJ Australia Hooded Change Towel and available in all sizes from XXS to Large for the teaching staff.

Sydney Grammar School boys, who often compete in swimming with other nearby schools and as part of the GPS were proud to have their school colours so strongly represented in the stands between races. The towels help to identify students and make it safer to change modestly in unfamiliar environments.

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